PULSE Connect

Enhance functionality and control of the ROBUS PULSE flexi-strip by using the Single Colour or RGBW Controller. Using the PULSE CONNECT Controllers will enable you to control the flexi-strip using the ROBUS Connect App. The RGB, Warm or Neutral white, 5 metre LED strip's super-bright LED’s provide a wonderful eye-catching solution for bespoke indoor lighting effects. The energy efficient, technologically advanced design and slim profile, enables it to be fitted in small or difficult situations using the integral 3M tape.


    • ROBUS 2 year warranty
    • The ROBUS Connected devices provide multiple functionality which includes:
      • Within App instructions for pairing of ROBUS Connect products so is simplicity itself
      • On / off switching so lighting can be controlled from anywhere. You can switch off lights left on in another part of the house after going to bed, without getting up
      • Colour temperature tuneability which means you can set the light colour to warm, cold or anywhere in between dependent on what you are doing
      • Dimming so a film may be watched with the lighting turned down to a warm glow with the press of a button in the app
      • Grouping a number of fittings together so they can all be controlled as one such as the lights in the bedroom
      • Scene setting allows single or groups of fittings to be set to a specific state. e.g: A dining scene whilst eating might need some lights over the table set to a higher level with lighting around the perimeter of the room set to low level.
      • Scheduling allows setting up of “holiday mode” actions where lights can be set to come on or go off at specific times of the day or night
      • “If This Then That” (IFTTT) provides control of lighting dependent on such things as weather conditions, time, day, night, sunrise or sunset. 
      • Compatibility with Amazon or Google devices provides ultimate voice control of your lighting anywhere in the house so any function in the app can become voice activated

Application areas:

  • Restaurants, Bars & Clubs
  • Hotel/Office Receptions
  • Retail shops
  • Showrooms and exhibition stands
  • Stage lighting
  • Feature Illumination
  • Over / under wall cabinets
  • Under counter displays
  • Under stair nosing’s
  • Ceiling & Wall Features
  • Step lighting
  • Trough lighting
  • Window dressing


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