Vegas Connect

This range of dimming and colour changing (RGB/ RGBW) controllers work with the full range of ROBUS VEGAS Drivers to power the ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip. They have a 12-24V DC supply and IP65 can be achieved by using RVBIP2 enclosure.


    • The ROBUS VEGAS range includes Warm and Neutral white, RGB and RGBW, which provides a range of solutions from simple dimmable single colour to exciting multi-colour mode combination

    The ROBUS Connected devices provide multiple functionality which includes:

    • Within App instructions for pairing of ROBUS Connect products so it's simplicity itself
    • On / off switching so lighting can be controlled from anywhere. You can switch off lights left on in another part of the house after going to bed, without getting up
    • Colour temperature tunability which means you can set the light colour to warm, cold or anywhere in between dependent on what you are doing
    • Dimming so a film may be watched with the lighting turned down to a warm glow with the press of a button in the app
    • Grouping a number of fittings together so they can all be controlled as one such as the lights in the bedroom
    • Scene setting allows single or groups of fittings to be set to a specific state. e.g: A dining scene whilst eating might need some lights over the table set to a higher level with lighting around the perimeter of the room set to low level.
    • Scheduling allows setting up of “holiday mode” actions where lights can be set to come on or go off at specific times of the day or night
    • “If This Then That” (IFTTT) provides control of lighting dependent on such things as weather conditions, time, day, night, sunrise or sunset. 
    • Compatibility with Amazon or Google devices provides ultimate voice control of your lighting anywhere in the house so any function in the app can become voice activated

Application areas:

• Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Clubs
• Over/under wall cabinet/counter displays
• Ceiling and wall features
• Feature illumination
• Window dressing


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